Parakeet Breeder

  • Quick Gourmet 1 kg

    This Quick Gourmet mix of the Vogeljungle is the answer to the question ofbreeders for a healthy and safe vegetable / bean mixture and where the chicks eat v...
  • Fruitand veggie mixture 1kg

    This Vogeljungle mixture can be used when fresh food isn't available at the moment but you want to give vegetables and fruit to the bird (s)! Delicious s...
  • Cranberry 1 kg

    This delicious berry is dried in a natural way to keep the vitamin C and minerals. Because birds create under the influence of daylight vitami...
  • Quick Sprout 2 kg

    Goldmix germination seeds contain katjang, safflower kernels, buckwheat, wheat etc. These seeds are also not oiled so you know for sure what good quality y...
  • Pompoen Pitten 100 gram

    Deze mooie witte pompoenpitten zijn een gezonde beloning en een heerlijke versnapering voor klein en groot. Omdat ze weinig vetten bevatten kunnen ze gegeve...
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