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      Mijn pyrrhura at geen groenten maar dit gaat er wel in
    • 5
      Ik bestel regelmatig bij the shop! Super kwaliteit voedsel! Mijn Caique vind alles heel erg lekker! 10+ voor service en kwaliteit.
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      Lekkere geur en supersnel klaar en coco is r gek op!
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      super om de jongen op stok te krijgen

Quick Gourmet 1 kg

Product number: 22369 24.45

This Quick Gourmet mix of the Vogeljungle is the answer to the question ofbreeders for a healthy and safe vegetable / bean mixture and where the chicks eat very fast!
A mix with vitamins and minerals that can be given to your birds without danger and yet is ready quickly
Apart from the delicious smell, this is a very tasty meal and is a natural multivitamin!
Just boiled water, let it cool and feast!
1 tablespoon is sufficient for a medium-sized parrot and very good to use to learn to eat chicks independently ...
Provided that it is kept cool and dry for 1 year on consumer quality


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