Senegal / small parrot Natural Balance 2 kg

    Product number: 23911 23.99
    This superior Small parrot Natural of the Vogeljungle is the only one of its kind and such a treat for the eye that it is sometimes called sweets!
    In the natural environment of these small parrot species the raw materials are simply found and eaten!
    This diet is a balanced mixture full of vegetables, fruit, berries and cocos and a small 50% supplemented with un-oiled seeds. Suitable for the smaller parrot varieties such as the pied peasant, caique, jardine, pionus, etc.!
    This mixture is supplied in a transparent sealed cup that can be re-used or for larger packaging in a strong transparent packaging so that we do not burden the environment extra.
    Provided that it is kept cool and dry it stays for 1 year on consumer quality (after this, 2-3 years on animal feed quality)