Nutritious Amazon Seed Blend 1.5 kg

    Product number: 14.25

    What more could you want ... vacuum-packed so that light, moisture and air can not cause aging. Always a fresh product in the house! ... Therefore .. the fresh pack !! with of course the familiar content
    This colorful luxury amazon premium contains vegetables and fruits such as carrots, peppers and bananas and yet has a fat percentage of about 16%.
      Alongside pieces of carob, corn and a low percentage of striped sunflower seeds and mungbeans that they love!
    Never give your bird too much, 10 to 15% of the body weight of food per day is enough for a healthy rider!
    If you give more than your amazon the opportunity to eat only the tastiest and he / she lacks essential nutrients.
    Tip! The nutritional requirement of each bird is different, fresh "left-overs" from the kitchen at home as a Spanish pepper is always healthy for the Amazon!
    Can be kept for 1 year after opening