Eclectus premium Seed Blendfreshpack 1500 gr

    Product number: 13.25

    Now available ... The fresh pack ... new packaging but the same content for the well-being of your precious parrot. Cocos, peppers, carrots and much more have been added!
    It is also important to keep an eye on the calcium (calcium) of this bird species ... they need something more than an amazon, for example.
    15% of the body weight is sufficient for the parrot for 1 day.
    The "left-over" of vegetables and fruit from the kitchen is highly sought after and is eaten gratefully
    Note ..... avocado is poisonous for birds and fresh papaya can sometimes cause an allergic reaction!

    Usable Unopened 24 months after production date and after opening (if stored cool and dry) usable for 1 year on consumer quality


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