African Grey Select Freshpack 1.5 kg

    Product number: 14.25

    The familiar Vogeljungle quality now in a vacuum freshpack!
    Airtight so that smell, taste and quality are guaranteed for a long time
    As you know from the Vogeljungle, all ingredients are checked several times in the process for the presence of dirt, dust, additives, freshness and quality.
    To make sure that your African Gray gets everything he needs, we advise you not to give more than 15% a day of body weight.
    - The palm nut is the natural source of nutrition for your gray red-tailed parrot. A protein source is also very important for your bird. Take a look at the shop at egg / concentrates, especially the calcium + is tuned for the gray red tail parrots and the noble parrot!
    Unopened 24 months after date of production

    Use within 12 months after open the package


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