Eclectus Natural 2 kg

    Product number: 23518 23.49

     This ultimate Balanced diet from Vogeljungle for the Eclectus parrots contains 45 ingredients .

    You can be sure that you choose a balanced diet with fresh and healthy veg, fruit and nuts  for your Eclectus Parrot to eat.

    Ingredients:, Sunflower white, Sunflower striped, Cedarnuts, Grain, Shattered maize, Buckwheat, Cardy, Rice, Mung beans, Peeled oats, Hempseed, White milo corn, Red milo corn, Carrot, Apple, Banana, Puffed maize, Puffed grain, Pea-flakes, Maize-flakes, Pineapple, Mango, Papaya, Yellow raisin, Blue sultana, Red bell pepper, Juniper berry, Pumpkinseed, Rosehips, Leek, French bean, Beetroot, Sorb, Cocossclices, Apricot, Strawberry, Peeled pumpkin, Cocos cubes, Cranberry, Peeled walnuts

    Store cool and dry and you can use this product for at least 1 year