Macadamia without shell 250 gr

    Product number: 20033 13.95

    Australian raw and untreated Macadamia is also an example of a unique product from the Greenparrotshop. This super healthy nut is for many birds a real healthy must-have and a popular delicacy ... You provide the right care and we take care of the healthy diet so your bird grows healthy!

    The healthy "superfood" note that contains a lot of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

    .Ara's and cockatoos look for these nuts first in their food bowl and do not waste any of this nut, which can be called unique!

    Excellent to keep your bird entertained in a healthy way or to alternate with young birds in grinded form

    Also a great note to lower and keep cholesterol levels down!

    Provided cool and dry, Best before 1 year on consumer quality.