3 x Eclectus premium Seed Blend 2 kg

    Product number: 225181 -7,5% 34.4731.88

    A new diet designed especially for Eclectus parrots who have a slightly different digestive system to other parrots.

    All products are scientifically tested for levels of all important nutrients.


    Cocosslices, Roast Maize, Red Bell Pepper, Banana chips, Carrot, Pumpkinseed, Roast Grainchips , Sunflower white, Sunflower Striped, Cedarnuts, Grain, Shattered Maize, Buckwheat, Cardy, Rice, Mung Beans, Peeled Oasts, Hempseed, White milo corn, Red milo corn.


    Store cool and dry