Palm nuts 500 gr

    Product number: 1155 8.99

    The new harvest of palm nuts is back!

    Frozen items are shipped at your own risk

    Fully ripe and maximum in Vit A..

    palm nuts are the "parrot Balance" multi vitamin with sufficient vitamins and minerals with daily use!

    The palm nut occurs in the natural environment of the redstart and is the main part of the daily diet of this species.

    The palm nut therefore fits perfectly in your bird's daily diet.
     We see that youngsters who are just starting to eat independently have an orange cup left over from the munching, but this has completely disappeared the next day.
    Contains a lot of vitamin A because the fruits have matured a little further

    Parrots need this vitamin to be able to absorb their food in a healthy way


    take it out of the freezer, rinse and you can give the nut to the bird(s)

    Can be stored in the freezer for at least 1 year. (new crop until July 2023)

    Please note, this frozen product is shipped from Monday to Thursday!

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