Amazon Premium 9.5 kg

    Product number: 22417 EAN Nr#: 8719747365137 32.9529.99

    This specially developed, to the highest possible standard, premium Seed Blend provides a varied, healthy and balanced diet for your amazon.

        It contains only natural ingredients.

        These products are highly palatable and attractive to your parrot and are designed to keep your amazon both healthy and happy

    All our products are from the most recent harvests and are human-grade quality. This product is scientifically tested for levels of all important nutrients.

         We advise the addition of one of our protein sources.

        The ingredients are:

    Striped Sunflower, Buckwheat, Safflower, Wheat Paddy Rice, Thin Peas, White Dari, Red Dari, Cut Maize, Legume,    Munch Beans, Peeled oats, Hemp, Maize, Johannes Bread, Maize Baked with Spinach, Red Bell Pepper, Banana Chips, Roasted Maize, Carrot, and pumpkin (peeled

    Store cool and dry!