Cockatoo Premium Seed Blend 9 kg box

    Product number: 22317 EAN Nr#: 8719747365250 46.1544.99

    The premium  daily mix range for Cockatoos is specially developed and a healthy balanced diet for your Cockatoo with nuts out and in shell, fruit and veggie.

    Scientifically formulated for maximum benefit with Fruit and Nuts for extra vitamins and variety

    All our products are from the most recent harvests and are human-grade quality. 
    This product is scientifically tested for levels of all important nutrients.
    contains: Pumpkin, Carrot, Almonds, Cedar Nuts, Popped Maize, Popped Wheat, Maize, honeydipped Banana slices and Peppers plus a wide range of other natural ingredients.
    Store cool and dry!

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