Breeders Products

  • Potent Brew 100 ml

    Powerful liquid probiotic supplement for birds to support digestive function, increase breeding vigour, chick survival, and chick growth. The digestive syst...
  • ProBoost SuperMax

    Before breeding, adult birds need to know that the food is going to be good enough to raise babies. It is best to give that message gently for 6-8 weeks prio...
  • Pipet 1 ml

    For precisely measuring liquids
  • Formula Plus

    Formula Plus ensures optimal growth and growth of the feathers. Prevents stress and weight loss during rearing and making the chicks independent. This produc...
  • Guardian Angel 80 Gram

    Guardian Angel is a complete supplement for use in water or food and has been developed for sick birds or birds in a stressful situation
  • Aviclens

    Aviclens now available again in the Netherlands! This proven and safe product is a guarantee to keep the water clean in a safe way. Definitely a must during...
  • Acox 100 ml

    Acox is a liquid anti-worm treatment of coxidiosis. If birds lose weight and yet eat well, this is sometimes the first sign of worms, so if in doubt, have yo...
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