Vitamins & minerals

  • Formula Plus

    Formula Plus ensures optimal growth and growth of the feathers. Prevents stress and weight loss during rearing and making the chicks independent. This produc...
  • Daily Essentials 3 100 gr

    Daily essentials 3 is a multivitamin with Rapisorb minerals and amino acids. It can be sprinkled over fruit, vegetables and egg food (in combination with Cal...
  • Guardian Angel 80 Gram

    Guardian Angel is a complete supplement for use in water or food and has been developed for sick birds or birds in a stressful situation
  • Calcivet powder 300 gr

    This supplement of Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3 which ensures optimal absorption can be used over the diet. Can also be mixed over or through the egg fo...
  • Acox 100 ml

    Acox is a liquid anti-worm treatment of coxidiosis. If birds lose weight and yet eat well, this is sometimes the first sign of worms, so if in doubt, have yo...
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